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HubSpot Ads Tools Enable Tech Company to Earn an 84% ROI on Google Ads

Who They Are

The client is a technology company that provides software, 3D printing, document management, and other tools to facilitate work processes for architects, engineers, design professionals, contractors, and manufacturers. 

They’ve been in business for over four decades, and are leading experts in their field. In fact, their products are so trustworthy, several government agencies and military organizations rely on them to provide some of their most vital features.  

They started as a family-owned business in 1973, and have expanded to six locations across three states. Despite this growth, they pride themselves on being a big company that feels like a small business — offering personalized service that evolves with their customers’ needs. 

They don’t just provide what their clients ask for — they strive to exceed their expectations. This has ensured their longevity, customer satisfaction, and high client retention rates. 

The Problem: Low Conversion Rates

While their cutting-edge technologies are customizable and highly effective, they were having a hard time attracting new customers. This was due to their limited digital advertising campaign that resulted in their ads having a conversion rate under one percent.  

While they were using industry keywords, they were too general and were mostly bringing in irrelevant traffic. Their ad rank was also low, so they ended up spending more money on paid ads. 

They hired Bluleadz with the intent to attract sales qualified leads (those who would benefit from their products and who were ready, willing, and able to talk to their sales team). 

The Solution: A Laser Focused Paid Media Campaign

Our paid media specialist identified a great opportunity for updating their current ad campaign related to their software partner, Bluebeam. 

The first issue we wanted to address was their Bluebeam landing page. We redesigned it to improve the user experience by updating content modules in their CMS, which improved the ad rank, bringing costs down. 

Although the landing page update reduced the traffic to their page, the content was highly focused on the specific kind of visitors who would be most likely to make a purchase. In other words, the traffic coming to the landing page was more meaningful. 

The next step was pausing their current campaign for one week to make updates to their target keywords.

Since the goal was to focus strictly on sales generation, the new target keywords were centered on terms specific to the software and various tools provided within the Bluebeam suite. We also added branded terms to showcase our client's partnership with Bluebeam.

Additionally, our paid media specialist updated their Google Ads with impactful ad extensions. For example, he added location extensions to target leads located near our client's offices. 

We also conducted weekly meetings with the client to get their feedback and to ensure that our efforts remained aligned with their goals. 

The Results: A Significant Growth Within a Short Timeframe

With better keywords and more relevant content, their ads started ranking higher.

Within two months, the client experienced a 500 percent increase in visitors who submitted forms to download product trials. 

From April to June 2021, their conversion rate increased from under one percent to 4.2 percent, resulting in an 84 percent ROI. 

500 % Increase in Conversions

83 % ROI on Google Ads

4+ % Increase in Conversion Rates

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