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Tech Company Generates 762 Demo Requests and 87 Deals After Implementing HubSpot’s Marketing Hub Features

Who They Are

Founded in 2011, SkySlope emerged as a leading name in transaction management software. It's built for real estate brokers and agents to help them better organize documentation and ensure compliance. 

The digital transaction management (DTM) system automates many tasks, simplifying every step of the buying and selling process.

It offers fast and easy auditing, up-to-the-second tracking of all activities, compliance with state regulations, e-signature capabilities, and real-time business analytics for smarter decision making. Additionally, it integrates with several other tools, like a CRM and accounting software. 

Their vision is straightforward – to keep brokers and agents connected to customers forever. 

The Problem: Standing Out In Their Industry

The DTM solutions market is crowded. As SkySlope started to grow, they found that their target audience may gravitate toward other systems that were less robust simply because of cost. 

They wanted to find a way to position themselves in the market to stand out from these competitors. To do this, they needed to highlight their unique value proposition. Some of their most notable features include:

  • Secure backups
  • Digital signing
  • Email and text message tracking
  • 24/7 support
  • Real-time compliance tracking
  • 360-degree brokerage analytics dashboard

The Solutions: Implementing Inbound Marketing Via HubSpot

In order to boost industry knowledge of DTM and show what makes SkySlope the best solution available, the company decided some serious inbound marketing was in order. 

After signing up for HubSpot, they reached out to Bluleadz to help establish an inbound marketing strategy. One of the most important aspects of starting with inbound marketing is developing buyer personas to understand your target audience. 

Knowing their audience, Bluleadz built their strategy around the understanding that the majority of realtors are baby boomers in their mid-50s — a group that can be skeptical and even uncomfortable with technologies.

After some brainstorming, Bluleadz and SkySlope decided to promote a demo. By providing a demo, they can directly show potential customers how the DTM solution addresses their pain points.

This would give them hands-on time with SkySlope's software, showing them how to use it in real situations. While they had a demo in place, they needed to find ways to properly promote it to their target audience. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing played a big role in promoting the demo. Our team created a series of emails. This lead nurturing campaign aimed at educating big and small-sized brokerages.

The messaging centered on educating recipients on the value of adopting DTM solutions like SkySlope. The CTA took recipients to a new landing page for the demo.


Landing Page and Blog Design

The "request a demo" landing page had a simple, modern design. It highlighted social proof, showing the amount of brokerages, offices, and agents their software served. 

It also included information about the benefits of the company, including their strong customer service team, their innovative technology, and the compliance capabilities. 

Additionally, users had access to a video featuring SkySlope’s founder and CEO Tyler Smith. 


Another goal for SkySlope was to use content marketing to educate their audience. Before working with Bluleadz, SkySlope did not add much content to their site. 

To generate qualified traffic, they created a new blog – SKYHIGH. Our content team created weekly blog posts that targeted concerns and pain points felt at brokerages. The blog also educated readers on the value of DTM systems. 

The blog layout also included testimonials in the right-hand corner. By creating content for all stages of the buyer's journey, our content team helped drive traffic to their site. 




The Results

The inbound marketing efforts yielded results over time. From March to May 2018, SkySlope saw results in traffic, lead generation, and sales. 

The most notable results include:

  • 6,217 visits to demo landing pages
  • 762 demo requests
  • 4,719 sessions

This is a perfect example of how applying the inbound methodology to marketing brings in more qualified visitors. Through educational content, visitors turned to SkySlope as a credible resource. They built trust with them, and these leads were nurtured through email marketing.

These consistent efforts drive results over time, demonstrating the true impact inbound has on business. 

99 New Contacts in 3 Months

87 Closed Deals

$ 51650 Influenced Revenue in 3 Months

Implement inbound and drive revenue for your business.

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