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Fill your pipeline with qualified leads and close more deals in less time.

HubSpot Sales Hub Business Development Services

Target Leads. Connect Fast. Nurture Prospects.

Identify good fit leads and qualify them fast using HubSpot Sales Hub tools. Learn more about how our team of experts can help you build and deploy a business development strategy that drives revenue. 

Growing With the HubSpot Sales Hub

Stop wasting time chasing the wrong leads. Leverage various Sales Hub tools to find the right people, start conversations, and qualify them for your account executives.


Gather Contact Data

The HubSpot sales CRM software gives you what you need to effectively target the right people and companies and manage vital information about your contacts. 

We help you set up your Sales Hub to improve how your team conducts prospecting, hosts connect calls, and enhances contact records with context about the people and companies you're targeting. 

Gather company insights for free

Sales Hub Convos

Streamline Sales Operations

Sales Hub provides lots of automation capabilities that save your team hours of time each day. 

We help you set up sales automation and other tools, including snippets, sequences, documents, and playbooks, to improve productivity and help your BDRs book quality meetings for your AEs.

Manage tasks and activities for free

Sales Hub BDR Ops

Qualify and Hand Off Opportunities

Optimize every sales touchpoint by using vital data and context. The lead scoring feature within HubSpot simplifies the process of lead qualification. 

Our team helps set up predictive scoring, lead scoring criteria, and multiple score sheets to equip your BDRs with exactly what they need to efficiently qualify and hand off the best fit prospects.

Track and manage deals for free

Sales Hub BDR Qualify

The Bluleadz + HubSpot Difference

With 10+ years of HubSpot expertise, the Bluleadz team has been helping companies transform how they market, sell, and service their customers through the HubSpot platform. We provide all kinds of business development services using the Sales Hub, including HubSpot Sales Hub onboarding, consulting, and implementation.


65+ HubSpot Certifications

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10 Year HubSpot Certified Partner


100+ Websites Built on HubSpot


Your Business Development Program: A Fast Pipeline Filler

Our business development program is the go-to system for proactively filling sales pipelines. It’s built to:

  • Leverage Technology Use your sales software to fit the proven strategy and support automation for prospecting, nurturing, and closing deals. With automation, you’re able to expand outreach in an efficient way.
  • Establish Streamlined Processes Implement a proven process including sequences, battlecards, call frameworks, playbooks, and more to stay efficient.
  • Provide Continuous Training Boost ramp-up time via coaching and ongoing support so every rep knows how to execute the strategy.

2 Ways to Get Started Now

Your unhealthy pipeline means your process has failed you. Try one that works by signing up for one of our business development services packages.

The Build It Plan

Perfect for companies that have an internal sales team that need training and a documented business development process. 

This 6-week program includes:

  • Sequence building + campaign setup
  • A playbook including sales development initiatives + templates
  • Custom CRM contact views and lists 
  • Sales reporting dashboard setup + sales battlecards
  • Weekly team training + call coaching

Select This Plan


The Work It Plan

Don’t have the time to reach out? This is the best option if you want our BDRs to manage your pipeline and put in the work. 

This plan includes:

  • The business development process implementation (from the Build It plan)
  • A dedicated business development representative (BDR) and coach
  • Customized project management depending on your needs
  • BDR services (e.g., calls, emails, LinkedIn engagement)

Select This Plan

Custom Plans Starting at $3,000/Month

Let’s create a strategy that aligns your sales goals. Schedule your free consultation with an inbound specialist now!

Let's Drive Revenue

What’s the Difference Between Business Development Services and Sales Enablement Services?

Business Development
Sales Enablement

Business Development

Business development, often referred to as sales development, is the process of identifying and qualifying leads through sales outreach. This reduces time and resources your sales team spends on pursuing leads who are low quality and unlikely to close as a customer.

Business development services include:


Train and coach business development representatives.

playbook icon

Document and execute outreach strategies

handshake icon

Set up and manage software for outreach and prospecting.

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the process of equipping your sales team with tools, information, and knowledge they need to close more deals. With a proper strategy in place, marketing provides sales with the right content to support their efforts in building relationships with prospects.

Sales enablement services include:


Educate your sales team on strategy and techniques.


Create sales playbooks to help reps nurture and close leads into customers.


Set up and manage sales automation software.


Business Development Representatives

Objective: Find prospects, engage and qualify them, and pass them on to account executives.

KPIs: Metrics tied to outreach task; number of qualified appointments scheduled.


  • Use prospecting tools to find accurate information about their leads and targeted companies.
  • Build lists using enhanced customer data they add in the CRM.
  • Conduct outreach via phone and email and qualify them based on set criteria.

Account Executives

Objective: Nurture qualified leads into paying customers by closing deals in their pipeline.

KPIs: Close rates; Number of closed deals.


  • Conduct conversations to uncover each lead’s pain paints and goals.
  • Host engaging, informative product demonstrations or sales presentations.
  • Provide value proposition, offerings details, and final terms of service.

The Sales Team Structure

Your business development team is made up of two types of employees: business development representatives (BDRs) and account executives (AEs).

Click on each employee to learn more about their role, goals, and daily tasks that will bring you results.

How Business Development and Sales Enablement Achieve Big Goals


Goal: Align Marketing and Sales on Lead Qualification.

Business Development Actions: Prioritize outreach based on ideal customer profiles and lead data.

Sales Enablement Actions: Establish an SLA with marketing to define the lead handoff process.


Goal: Save Time on Closing New Customers.

Business Development Actions: Screen out bad fit prospects and book high quality leads to meet with account executives. 

Sales Enablement Actions: Educate sales account executives on effective closing techniques. 


Goal: Reduce Cost of Acquiring New Customers.

Business Development Actions: Follow up with qualified leads to ensure they arrive at their meeting with account executives.

Sales Enablement Actions: Equip account executives with proper training and collateral to nurture leads to close. 


Clients Who Love Our Sales Expertise

Outsourcing sales doesn’t need to feel risky. Hear from our real clients about how the Bluleadz team drove sales and helped them crush their goals.

See More Testimonials

Alexa Clouthier

Marketing Advertising
Tim set us up for Marketing and Sales Success! Tim was a great resource for our team as we navigated implementing HubSpot for both our Marketing and Sales teams. He guided us as we built workflows, reporting, and more! It was wonderful to have Tim's help to get us ready for using HubSpot as our new CRM.

Douglas Richardson

Management Consulting
There is no shortage of Advertising Agencies, Marketing and Sales Consultants for a business to choose from to hire. I have owned, worked for, and hired dozens of Ad Agencies in my career. Partnering with Bluleadz instills a level of confidence and accountability in their work product early on during the planning process and quickly grows into measurable, on-target results you can bank on.

Chad Pierce

These guys do it all and they do it with excellence. They are one of the OG HubSpot firms and it shows in their commitment to quality and performance in everything they do. Marketing, Sales, We site it's all there..

Ronald Redmond

Information Technology Services
Working with BluLeadz is awesome! Our implementation was very successful. Working with BluLeadz and Tim was exactly what we expected. Tim worked with our Sales Director, to implement work flows to streamline our sales process. We highly recommend their services to any new HubSpot customer. They were great.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process that focuses on the early stages of the sales cycle, including customer research, prospecting, outreach, lead qualification, and more.

This varies per company, but on average, here’s a breakdown of the estimated time commitment:
  • Current sales process audit and qualification discussion (8 hours)
  • Playbook reviews and revisions (2 hours)
  • Campaign walkthrough (3 hours)
  • Weekly training (2 hours per week for 2 workshops)
  • Call coaching (1 hour per BDR as needed)
  • Ongoing support throughout the program (1 hour per week)

First of all, you can implement a fully built sales process in way less time than if you built your own. It’s also a flexible process that you can train your internal team to use whenever you’re ready to. Additionally, outsourced SDRs often cost less than hiring full time team members.

Our sales development experts built this system using HubSpot CRM, Sales Hub, and Marketing Hub.

Whatever your needs are, which can include tactics like cold calling and other outbound sales efforts. Speak to our inbound specialist for more details.

Sales Is Just One Part of Your Revenue Strategy

Your sales efforts steer your overall revenue strategy. Learn more about how sales impacts the flywheel model – your solution for sustainable business growth.

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