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Consulting Firm Increases Lead Gen revenue by $676,500 Using HubSpot’s Content Marketing Tools To Create Targeted Campaigns

Who They Are

Founded in 2005, OnPoint Consulting is a full-service leadership consulting firm specializing in solving major business challenges. Their main focuses are providing research-based consulting solutions for developing agile leaders, improving virtual team performance, and engaging cross-functional team collaboration.

Their services include:

  • Leadership assessment
  • Leading and collaborating for virtual teams
  • Developing agile leaders
  • Enhancing teamwork 

Throughout their 15 years of operation, they helped Fortune 1000 companies and mid-sized companies in several industries, such as private equity, retail, insurance, financial services, and manufacturing.


The Problem: Hitting Traffic and Lead Generation Goals

The main obstacle they faced before coming to Bluleadz was the fact that they didn’t generate the results they expected with another agency they previously worked with. 

The goals they set upfront were ambitious and tied to two main areas of focus: traffic and lead generation.

They aimed to consistently drive 3,000 monthly visitors to their site. Of those visitors, they wanted to convert three percent. 


The Solutions: Targeted Content Marketing and Lead Generation Campaigns

Over the course of their long tenure with Bluleadz, their top solutions were focused around content marketing and lead generation. And the best starting point for these initiatives was developing buyer personas. 

In fact, one of their top priorities when they first started was to revise their buyer personas, with an added focus on HR leadership and mid-level HR roles that dealt with the operational side of learning development. 

These buyer persona updates informed their campaigns. Our content team met with their subject matter experts to hone in on consistent, engaging messaging that spoke directly to their target audience. 

The main content marketing initiatives consisted of the following:

Historical Optimization

Since the company has been around for 15 years, a lot of their content on their site was outdated and in need of updates. This is where the process of historical optimization – the practice of taking old blog content and making it fresh, new, and relevant to readers – played a big role in their strategy. 

One of the most noteworthy updates is a long-form blog post called “Agile Leadership: A Comprehensive Guide.”

Our content team consolidated a few existing posts, repurposed some content, and wrote new, updated copy to deliver a truly comprehensive post that breaks down all aspects of agile leadership, including the characteristics of agile leaders and strategies associated with the leadership style.

HubSpot Video


Website Updates

Over the course of 2019, our content and web design teams rolled out updates to their entire website, including their navigation bar, services and solutions pages, and their “About Us” page. 

As you can see from the updates to their “About Us,” our team made important changes that directly improved the user experience.

For example, the previous version included a sidebar menu, where visitors had to click on a specific tab. They were then sent to a new webpage.

Here is what the page looked like in February 2019, before the website updates were applied.

HubSpot Video


The changes made it much easier for people to navigate the site and find the information they need. Visitors did not have to click on a menu and leave the page. It's all laid out in one page.

Visitors could scroll through or click on one of the buttons, like "Our Services," which act as jumplinks that send them to that specific section of the page. This is a simpler, more seamless experience.  


Below is a full scroll through of their new page design:

HubSpot Video

Repurposed Content for Lead Generation

Our content team repurposed a lot of their existing content, including content offers, in many ways. One of the most successful lead generation strategies was grouping existing content into related lead magnets in the form of toolkits.

Some of the most popular toolkits centered on various topics, including:

  • Leadership Assessment
  • Agile Leadership
  • Cross-functional Leadership
  • Influencing With Impact

For example, the Agile Leadership toolkit included a case study, infographic, access to a webinar, and an ebook. These toolkits were significant lead generation assets that yielded big results. 


The Results

These ongoing initiatives yielded big results over a long period of time. Some of the most notable results include the following:

Increase in Sessions and Pageviews

In August 2017, their site was generating 3,054 sessions. By the end of November 2019, that jumped to 38,212 – a 1151 percent increase in sessions.

August 2017 brought 2,291 pageviews to their blog. This jumped to 41,905 pageviews in 16 months, which is a 1,729 percent increase.


Influenced Revenue

Here is a breakdown of several campaigns. 

The toolkit lead magnets influenced $676,500 in revenue in 2019.


Their “Leading and Collaborating From a Distance” promo video was their top page for influenced revenue, influencing nine closed deals and reaching $330,000. 


The monthly newsletter, which often promoted upcoming webinars and shared their most popular blog posts, earned a 15.3 percent clickthrough rate and influenced $246,000 in revenue.


By executing initiatives tied to consistent blogging, website updates, lead generation, and lead nurturing, OnPoint and Bluleadz achieved a lot over the course of their relationship.  The increases in sessions and submissions helped boost brand awareness and build trust with their growing audience. As more qualified leads came through the site, the company saw a spike in influenced revenue from various campaigns. 

NOTE: As of January 2020, the OnPoint Consulting team joined Spencer Stuart, an executive search, board, and leadership advisory services firm. 

600 % Increase in Submissions in 16 Months

$ 676 K in Influenced Revenue

1151 % Increase in Sessions in 16 Months

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