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HubSpot Setup, Data Migrations, and Improved Operations Set Nonprofit Up For Continued Success

Who They Are

International Sanctuary is a nonprofit that supports human trafficking victims. Their mission statement says it all: to empower girls and women escaping human trafficking to embrace their true identity and worth.

To accomplish their mission, they provide income opportunities, education, healthcare services, and a sense of community for women escaping human trafficking. The sanctuaries they operate are non-residential community centers where survivors are trained, employed, and given access to a supportive community. 

Currently, they serve five regions:

  • Mumbai, India
  • Kampala, Uganda
  • Tijuana, Mexico
  • Orange County, CA
  • Cebu, Philippines

They employ survivors through the social enterprise PURPOSE Jewelry. From handcrafting, packaging, and processing to inventorying, signing, and shipping, the jewelry is strictly created and handled by human trafficking survivors. 

Sales from PURPOSE Jewelry along with donations fund International Sanctuary.

The Problem: Gaps In Data Management and Inefficient Operations

After signing on with HubSpot, International Sanctuary needed help with initial setup and management of their platform. It’s especially challenging because they operate both websites, International Sanctuary and PURPOSE Jewelry. 

Their customer data was spread across various areas, which was largely influenced by the fact that they are using several platforms for their business, including the following:

  • DonorBox – an online fundraising software.
  • MoonClerk – a platform for managing recurring payments. 
  • Shopify – their ecommerce software. 
  • Mailchimp – their email marketing automation software. 
  • Quickbooks – their accounting software. 
  • OneCause – a fundraising software solution for event management. 

Customer data was spread out amongst these platforms and within Excel spreadsheets from wholesalers as well. This is one of the main reasons they signed up for HubSpot – to bring all their data and all their tools together in one place. 

In short, they needed to migrate all their data from these business platforms to their HubSpot CRM and integrate the tools they need to hit their business goals. Additionally, they did not have clear operations established for how to properly track and manage donations and sales.

The Solution: Database Cleanup and Migration, Training, Improved Operations, and Setup

The Bluleadz team happily embraced this opportunity to help this amazing nonprofit and support their ambitious vision. Our team helped by providing the following services. 

HubSpot Setup

The first step was setting up their HubSpot platform. A main priority was establishing streamlined operations processes for managing how donors are tracked and advanced through their HubSpot Sales Hub. 

Another aspect of setting up their sales software included overseeing key integrations. For example, our team helped with the Zapier API integration with HubSpot and DonorBox to create their sales (donation) pipeline. 

New Webpage and Email Templates

A top priority for them was to create a conversion path for donors that would collect donor data in one database. Our team built a landing page for donations on International Sanctuary’s website.


Additionally, to support their email marketing efforts, our team built email templates with various modules. This way, their team can customize the templates based on what kinds of emails they are planning to create and send, like an email newsletter.


Database Cleanup and Migration

One of the largest initiatives both teams collaborated on was cleaning up their current contact databases and migrating all contacts into their HubSpot CRM. 

The end goal was simple: keep contact data clean and up to date in their new CRM. This required audits of existing contacts and decisions to remove them or migrate them. 

For example, many of their Shopify contacts were disengaged. This indicated a low level of interest. Therefore, these contacts were not migrated to the CRM. 

To get all the data migrated and well organized, our team created a property mapping strategy. This involved mapping existing contact information from the following resources:

  • DonorBox database
  • Shopify database
  • Mailchimp database
  • Trade show event database
  • Wholesaler database
  • Volunteer database

After our team migrated all of their relevant contacts to their CRM, they were able to build segmented lists for each of their types of contacts. For example, that included donors, volunteers, customers, and wholesalers.

HubSpot Software Training 

To help the PURPOSE Jewelry team get the most out of HubSpot, our team started off by educating them on the fundamentals of the inbound methodology and how to apply it in marketing, sales, and customer service. 

After covering inbound best practices, our team provided HubSpot software training sessions, covering the most impactful HubSpot tools, such as the following:

  • Building segments and organizing lists of contacts.
  • Tracking campaign performance.
  • Setting up workflows with if/then and and/or logic.
  • Creating emails using their new templates.
  • Adding contacts and companies to their CRM.
  • Managing lead capture initiatives.
  • Creating and publishing a blog post.
  • Reading reports in each portal’s analytics tools.

The Results

In terms of quantifiable results tied to sales and donations generated, it’s too soon to see the big impact. However, the effect of this collaboration set the International Sanctuary and PURPOSE Jewelry team up for continued success with HubSpot. 

Thanks to the HubSpot setup, contacts migration and database cleanup, new email templates and donations landing page, and ongoing HubSpot training and consultation, International Sanctuary can start building and executing sophisticated strategies in their marketing, sales, and service hubs. 

Over time, they can grow their nonprofit and hit their goals, further advancing their noble cause and empowering survivors.

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All of us at International Sanctuary were extremely grateful for the time and effort Bluleadz took on helping us navigate HubSpot as a beginner. Everyone on the Bluleadz team was extremely patient and willing to answer any questions that came up during the entire process.

Cristina Gaffoglio, Executive Assistant, International Sanctuary
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