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HubSpot Sales Hub Services

Start Conversations. Deepen Relationships. Build Your Pipeline.

Turning leads into revenue falls solely on your sales efforts. And HubSpot Sales Hub gives you all the tools you need to develop meaningful relationships and close qualified prospects into happy customers. As HubSpot experts, we're here to help. 

Growing With the HubSpot Sales Hub

Reduce friction so you can stop holding your business back from hitting your growth goals. With Sales Hub, you can unify all your tools to effectively engage, nurture, and close your customers.


Create Meaningful Conversations

Connecting with prospects is important, but how you connect with them needs to be considered. 

Our team helps you leverage tools for managing contacts, tracking and recording calls, optimizing email touchpoints, and more. 

Manage contact data for free

Sales Hub Convos

Foster Positive Relationships

Developing and nurturing good relationships with your leads requires your sales team to add value at every touchpoint. 

As HubSpot experts, we help you deploy the most impactful Sales Hub tools to nurture your prospects effectively, like using appointment scheduling, implementing live chat, and creating sales automation. 

Track and templatize emails for free

Sales Hub Relationships

Improve Pipeline Health

The way you manage your sales pipeline sheds light on the future of your business. Without full visibility or management capabilities, you don't know how you're going to achieve your revenue goals. 

We provide support and implementation of pipeline management tools, including sales analytics, sales enablement playbooks, and quote creation. 

Track and manage deals for free

Sales Hub Pipeline

Stay Connected

Sales never sleeps, so it's vital for your team to be able to stay engaged with your prospects at all times. 

Our Sales Hub experts help your sales team stay in the loop, using collaboration tools like the mobile HubSpot CRM, ABM tools, and pipeline management solutions. 

Access your mobile CRM for free

Sales Hub Connected

The Bluleadz + HubSpot Difference

With 10+ years of HubSpot expertise, the Bluleadz team has been helping companies transform how they market, sell, and service their customers through the HubSpot platform. We provide all kinds of sales enablement services using the Sales Hub, including HubSpot Sales Hub onboarding, consulting, and implementation.


65+ HubSpot Certifications

BZ Diamond-2

10 Year HubSpot Certified Partner


100+ Websites Built on HubSpot

Close More Deals Fast With HubSpot CRM and Sales Hub

For 10+ years, the Bluleadz team has helped hundreds of clients convert, nurture, and close qualified leads into paying customers using HubSpot CRM and Sales Hub. No matter the tier, we know how to help your sales team close deals fast.


Increase in Qualified Leads YoY


Increase in
Customers YoY


Increase in
Revenue YoY


Increase in Revenue Over 3 Years


The Sales Results You Deserve

Sales teams fear outsourcing for many reasons, like relinquishing control of their process or losing customer data. Your Bluleadz team is an extension of your company, committed to full transparency and collaboration to hit your goals.

  • Kickoff Call Set sales goals, meet your Bluleadz team, and assess your strategy created by your inbound strategist.
  • Ongoing Support Empower your sales team through expert sales training workshops and follow-up coaching sessions.
  • Collaborative Execution Conduct initiatives based on your strategy and optimize processes for efficiency and future success.
  • Forward-Thinking Strategies Document processes and sales playbooks for pipeline management and future efforts.

Your Proven Process for Driving Revenue With HubSpot

Our sales services and consulting packages cover all the bases to set your team up for continued success.

Developing your team’s skills and proving them with the right tools is essential. Bring your team together through sales enablement.  

  • Standardized sales report creation
  • Sales content optimization 
  • CRM strategy 
  • Sales cadence development

Let’s Build Skills

Connecting with the right people is essential for fueling momentum in your sales pipeline and prioritizing the highest quality leads.

  • Sales development consulting
  • Marketing-sales alignment
  • Lead qualification services
  • Prospecting services

Let’s Talk Pipelines

The process of guiding leads through the buyer’s journey doesn’t need to be long. Proper lead nurturing expedites your buying cycle.

  • Customer journey maps
  • Lead nurturing services
  • Sales automation setup
  • Sales playbook and battlecard documentation

Let’s Talk Nurturing

Losing deals in the later stages of the sales process is painful. Fortunately, there are proven processes for increasing closed-won opportunities.

  • Sales win-loss analysis
  • Sales content strategy development
  • Sales pipeline reporting
  • Sales coaching and training workshops

Let’s Talk Closing

Custom Plans Starting at $5,000/Month

No matter what you're looking for, our team of inbound specialists covers everything you need to ramp up revenue. Reach out today to get started on your next big sales initiative so you can hit your revenue goals fast.

Let's Drive Revenue


Clients Who Love Our Sales Expertise

Outsourcing sales doesn’t need to feel risky. Hear from our real clients about how the Bluleadz team drove sales and helped them crush their goals.

See More Testimonials

Kevin Ryan

Director of Sales, Southern States Enterprises
Working with Bluleadz has been a true pleasure. Their team of experts are knowledgeable, very responsive and extremely thorough. They have mastered website design and the inbound marketing process, which is reflective of their work. We have been impressed with their results and highly recommend the Bluleadz team.

Janine Lyman

Marketing Operations Manager, Indexic
Every encounter I've had with the Bluleadz team has surpassed my expectations. The business impact they've had has been remarkable, and they go the extra mile without being prompted to. They present themselves as true partners not "just another marketing agency." I fully trust that my team will continue to grow with Bluleadz as we are able to make full use of the expertise they offer in sales and marketing.

Patricia Jimenez

Sales & Marketing Specialist, Handex Consulting & Remediation
I can't say enough about Bluleadz. They helped us launch our website in a few months and established our inbound process, always going above and beyond. And they continue supporting us when we need help. I am truly thankful that HCR has been able to partner with Bluleadz. I hope to continue working with them in the future.

Gabe Martin

Business Development Manager, Compuquip Cybersecurity
Lightning-fast response time, large team with specialists able to tackle anything needed, deadlines met. I can't speak highly enough about the team at Bluleadz.

What’s the Difference Between Business Development Services and Sales Enablement Services?

Business Development
Sales Enablement

Business Development

Business development involves qualifying leads, which cuts down the time and resources your sales team spends on engaging with people who won’t be ready to buy from you. Your business development team conducts outreach to all your leads to gauge when they’re ready to talk to your sales team.

Business development services include:


Provide coaching and training for your business development representatives.


Conduct outreach strategies and document your processes.

handshake icon

Implement and manage outreach and prospecting software.

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement consists of equipping your sales team with the tools, information, and knowledge they need to close more new customers. Marketing provides sales with content to support their efforts in building and nurturing prospect relationships.

Sales enablement services include:


Teach your sales team proper tactics to engage and close prospects.

playbook icon

Document proven techniques as sales playbooks and share them internally.


Implement sales automation software tools and provide team training.


Business Development Representatives

Objective: Find prospects, engage, and qualify them, then pass them on to account executives. 

KPIs: Sales outreach activities; amount of qualified appointments scheduled. 


  • Implement software to find accurate information about leads and targeted companies.
  • Develop targeted lists using enhanced customer data in your CRM.
  • Engage prospects via email and phone to qualify them using established criteria.

Account Executives

Objective: Gain new and recurring customers by closing deals in the sales pipeline.

KPIs: Close rates; Number of closed deals.


  • Uncover each lead’s pain paints and goals through correspondence.
  • Conduct product demonstrations and/or sales presentations. 
  • Deliver the value proposition, offerings details, and final terms of service.

The Sales Team Structure

Your business development team is made up of two types of employees: business development representatives (BDRs) and account executives (AEs).

Click on each employee to learn more about their role, goals, and daily tasks that will bring you results.

How Business Development and Sales Enablement Achieve Big Goals


Goal: Achieve Sales-Marketing Alignment on Lead Qualification.

Business Development Actions: Prioritize outreach based on ideal customer profiles and lead data.

Sales Enablement Actions: Create an SLA with marketing to establish a lead handoff process.


Goal: Reduce Time Spent on Closing New Customers.

Business Development Actions: Book high quality leads to meet with account executives, while screening out bad fit prospects.

Sales Enablement Actions: Teach sales account executives about closing tactics.


Goal: Decrease the Cost of Acquiring New Customers.

Business Development Actions: Ensure qualified leads arrive for their meeting with account executives.

Sales Enablement Actions: Provide training and collateral for account executives to close leads into customers.


Why "Inbound"?

Inbound supports all areas of business. The inbound sales methodology aligns the sales process with the buyer’s journey. There are four inbound sales actions that guide prospects through their journey. 

First, you identify leads, then you connect with them. After the initial connection, you can explore their pain points and properly advise them on the solutions they need. Often, that solution is your brand. 

On a larger scale, inbound accelerates business growth in three stages, from attracting and engaging prospects to closing and delighting new customers, fully supporting the flywheel model.

Let’s Talk Inbound

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, identifying all key stages of your sales process and mapping those to a sales content strategy is something our team has vast experience with.

Yes, modern sales strategies and sales teams that directly support inbound marketing initiatives always have a higher lead-to-customer percentage, shortened sales cycles and more efficiently align buyer and seller expectations.

Yes, in a multitude of ways. Working with our clients' sales teams is essential to maximize the ROI of inbound marketing efforts.

Most of our clients enjoy our month-to-month contracts, but we've also delighted many clients with one-off project work too. These projects include website redesigns, sales training, and SEO strategies. Reach out to our inbound specialists to get a complimentary plan for your project!

The same way buyers have evolved to expect personalization from your marketing, they also expect the same valuable, informative journey once they convert into an SQL (sales qualified lead) and enter your sales process. If that journey is inconsistent with what they’ve experienced thus far, you’ll continuously lose sales-ready leads.

No. Our inbound marketing efforts will notably increase the amount of sales qualified leads you obtain over time, and we can build targeted sales strategies to set your sales team up for success in this area, but we cannot directly work your leads for you.

It depends on the current state of your sales department. If you have no sales process(es) in place, no existing sales content assets, no consistent CRM operation, and you’re still cold calling leads, then you should absolutely consider these services. If you have some of the above in place, it may just be a matter of needing some refinement.

The Bluleadz team is certified in all hubs. In the context of sales enablement services, we help our clients transform and optimize their sales process using HubSpot CRM and Sales Hub. 

Most clients opt for services in other areas like digital marketing, lead generation, and customer experience, so we help them make the most of their Marketing Hub and Service Hub as well.

Sales Is Just One Part of Your Revenue Strategy

Your sales efforts steer your overall revenue strategy. Learn more about how sales impacts the flywheel model – your solution for sustainable business growth.

How the Flywheel Model Works

Reduce your sales cycle & close more deals.