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Manufacturer Triples Website Traffic After Designing a New Website On HubSpot

Who They Are

Founded in 1946, Delmhorst Instrument Co. has become well established as a leading name in moisture meter manufacturing. Their strong positive reputation has been earned through decades of dedication to producing high quality tools for moisture detection. 

Even better – their customer service is top notch, offering an industry-leading warranty and an engaged support team who is ready to troubleshoot issues and educate users on how to get the most out of their tools. 

Their mission says it all: To provide top-class tools and service. They currently serve over 100 countries and more than 22 industries, and their team has over 71 years of experience.


The Problem: Limited Content and Unclear Conversion Paths

The nature of Delmhort’s products is highly complicated, so customers and prospects alike would naturally run into various problems and have plenty of questions to ask. But visitors on their website didn’t have access to much information. 

Product pages were thin in terms of content, so their audience would be lost as they researched their tools. There wasn’t any information about how to use their products or how their tools differed from their competitors. 

The process of seeking help was even more bloated. Customers who purchased tools through resellers would have to locate their local reseller to receive support. 

Additionally, visitors didn’t have any clear conversion paths. Often times, visitors would land on empty pages, which hurts the overall user experience.

The Solution: New Customer Support Landing Page and Product Page Redesign

These issues required a few creative solutions. Our developers performed an in-depth website audit of the company’s site, pointing out areas of improvement, conversion opportunities, and potential content and visual elements to include. 

The primary area of focus was product pages for their tools. The old product pages included minimal information and lacked impactful design elements. 

Our team started redesigning these pages in October 2018. Each redesigned product page included new visuals, context, and movement.

This created an overall better user experience, including direct conversion paths to guide them to where they should go to meet their needs.

To solve the issue of delivering support for prospects and customers in an impactful way, our developers built a “Speak to a Specialist” page, which was then added to the top navigation on the company’s website as a highlighted call to action button. 

Customers who clicked on this CTA were then redirected to a landing page where they could easily connect with a team representative to ask any and all questions they may have.




"For some time, we had felt our website was not working for us. It was ineffective in providing potential customers what they needed to understand how and why our moisture meters stand out among the competition. So we engaged the creative team at Bluleadz and in a short time, we had exciting new product pages with the right content, and an easy path to guide customers through the information gathering process. The “Speak To A Specialist” page closes the loop and has been a real winner. We’re thrilled with results!"

Tom Laurenzi, President, Delmhorst

The Results

Within the same month of launching, the updated product page attracted 1,435 page views, a 328 percent increase in organic traffic from the month prior. The product page also became the highest organic traffic driver from the entire website, even surpassing the company’s homepage. 

By January 2019, the product page was getting over 2,270 page views, a 27 percent increase in organic traffic year over year. These results led to our team to execute a full website redesign around the new look and function of the product page. 

For the customer support landing page, within the first quarter, the company saw a 48 percent increase in views and a 135 percent increase in submissions. By adding this new contact us portion to their website, they also saw a 121 percent increase in contacts. 

Since launching the “Speak to a Specialist” page, it has become the most visited landing page on their entire site, and they’ve earned 11 new, valuable customers.

48% increase in views

135% increase in submissions

121% increase in number of contacts

11 new customers gained

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