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HubSpot CRM Implementation

Save Time and Increase Your ROI With HubSpot CRM Implementation Services

Our certified HubSpot onboarding specialists help you optimize your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy — so you can boost your website traffic with qualified leads.

Dedicated, HubSpot Certified Help

Increase Customer Trust

Retain Customers

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Optimize Every Interaction With Leads and Customers

On average, HubSpot customers experience an increase in inbound leads of about 159 percent within their first year of using their CRM. By implementing the right tools (or by having one of our experts do it for you), you can reap many benefits:

  • Organized contacts files
  • Contact segmentation
  • Simplified interactions with contacts
  • Personalized service
  • Lead nurturing
  • Guiding leads along the buyer’s journey
  • Increased conversion rates

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It’s Like Setting Up a GPS For Your Business

You know where you want to go, but you’re feeling overwhelmed about figuring out how to get there. Our HubSpot specialists will configure your CRM so that you can confidently move forwards towards your goals. 

  • Import existing contacts and deals 
  • Integrate with your tech stack
  • Sync with your customer ticketing system
  • Activate ABM tools
  • Align with HubSpot Sales Hub
  • Automate tasks
  • Enable your sales team to identify upsell opportunities

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Streamline Efforts for HubSpot CRM-01

Streamline Your Prospecting Efforts With Proven Strategies

Your certified HubSpot specialists provide you with strategic guidance so that you can fuel your business’ growth. We’ll also help you set up dashboards so that you can track progress, including the following metrics: 

  • Forecasted behavior
  • Pipeline velocity
  • Lead engagement
  • Close rates

Let’s Plan for Revenue Growth

Become The Hero

We get it - switching to new systems is never easy. And yet, there's something new and exciting about switching to HubSpot! It's because you know beyond a shadow of a doubt, this will streamline your organization.

With Bluleadz helping you along the way, we will reduce friction of switching systems by avoiding data migration problems, setting up the dashboards you need to succeed, and getting your team trained to use HubSpot CRM effectively!

Your team will buy into HubSpot because we'll help you shine by showing them how it will improve their lives.

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Why Bluleadz?

We are HubSpot certified partners with over a decade of experience working with the platform. We help you transform how you market, sell, and offer support to your customers. 

In addition to 65+ certifications, we are one of only a select group of agencies with in-house certified HubSpot onboarding specialists — so you can be confident that you’re being guided by experts who meet HubSpot Academy quality standards.


65+ HubSpot Certifications

BZ Diamond-2

10 Year HubSpot Certified Partner


100+ Websites Built on HubSpot

What Our Clients Have To Say

We know we’re great at what we do, but see what our clients have to say about our CRM implementation services:

Read 100+ 5 Star Reviews!

Cheryl Wilson Griffin

CRM implementation, CRM migration
We were connected with Bluleadz to help implement HubSpot as our startup's CRM. We were able to develop and start on a speedy plan in less than 3 days and fully implemented all the core capabilities (lead management, workflows, importing our data, etc) in about 10 business days. What we asked for was rather unusual, because we were rushing to implement a CRM before launch, but Tim and the folks at Bluleadz made it seamless. Probably one of the least stressful experiences I've had with a service provider.

Alex Uher

CRM implementation
We had a great experience with our HubSpot onboarding with Brittany from Blueleadz. Brittany worked with us from the beginning to go at our pace and design a plan that worked for us. Early on, we did a lot of troubleshooting and she helped us through some complicated and specific questions. Later on, the implementation was more focused around her ensuring that we explored all the various tools & had our staff ramp up adequately on each of them. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Brittany and Bluleadz to anyone looking for a great onboarding partner.

Jennifer Disharoon

CRM Implementation
Implementing a CRM for the first time is a daunting experience. Thankfully, we worked with Bluleadz and Brittany Balog, who had everything covered. She offered solid suggestions and she was patient with us at every step. We could not have done this without her. Thank you, Brittany!

Kamila Gierut

Marketing and CRM Implementation
Would absolutely recommend Bluleadz for HubSpot’s onboarding training. We worked with Brittany and she was incredibly knowledgeable, organized, and engaging on our weekly meetings. On top of this, she was so patient with us when we had any issues or questions and was available for us when we needed. She is very personable and pleasant to work with…she is truly a great partner! This is a useful and trustworthy service when starting out with HubSpot for the first time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

HubSpot’s CRM works optimally with all of the other HubSpot tools — such as sales, marketing, and support. However, it also integrates with many popular marketing and sales software; and our specialists will gladly set them up to work together.

No. All of our account managers, copywriters, strategists, and designers/developers work full-time in-house at our office in Tampa, FL.

We do everything within our control to ensure that you work with the same dedicated specialist throughout the duration of your project. However, if for any reason that needs to change, you will still get someone who will be fully updated on what your team needs to ensure seamless collaboration.

Each week, your dedicated HubSpot specialist will review what’s already been completed and go over the next steps. You will then have time to discuss your specific concerns that may arise during each step of the implementation process. 

Most of the businesses we work with are in the B2B SaaS, cloud, IT, manufacturing, and professional services industries. That said, our approach is industry-agnostic at its core and we’ve worked successfully with other industries.

This depends on your specific business needs and the amount of support you’ve purchased. However, you can get a basic setup completed within 12 to 16 weeks.

Our service team is happy to accommodate any changes with your budget. Simply contact your account manager to discuss any updates.

Our standard onboarding process is between three to five business days. However, this can be expedited based on your needs.

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