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Lead Generation Strategy Lands 77 New Clients for Credit Counseling Agency

Who They Are

Credit Canada is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to one simple mission: To help people become debt free and and learn critical life skills that align with financial management. 

They've established themselves as Canada's first and longest-standing credit counseling agency, currently in operation for over 50 years. Their team provides credit counseling, debt management, and money management services. Over the course of their existence, they've helped over two million clients.

Plus, they hold an A+ consumer rating with the Better Business Bureau and hold accreditation through Credit Counselling Canada. And their efforts extend into local communities through government-supported initiatives aimed at teaching financial literacy. 


The Problem: Generating High Quality Leads

Lead generation is essential for finding people who truly need debt help, and it's especially difficult to build a contact database without any clear strategy in place.

Credit Canada needed to boost the amount of leads generated so their online debt assessment team could actively pursue and close some deals. Their conversion paths were built around downloadable PDFs, like guides and reports. 

But these content offers were underperforming, and they needed a more strategic, targeted approach. This is when they turned to content performance analytics to identify opportunities for delivering high-value content offers that aligned with specific buyer persona needs. 

During the analysis, they found that blog posts related to budgeting earned high traffic and performed well.

The problem was that the visitors who read content had no logical next step after they finished the article. The content educated readers, but there weren't any content offers that readers could use to actually address their challenges, like managing a budget and creating a spending plan. 

The reader is on the site for a reason, but Credit Canada lacked a strategy for lead generation. They needed targeted conversion paths.

The Solution: Develop a New Content Offer

A conversion path on budgeting-specific blog posts needed a relevant content offer that their audience would want to download. The content asset they decided to create was inspired by their online debt assessment team's internal proprietary tool, which was a pre-calculated budget planner.

They decided to share the budget planner with their readers. Our team of content creators and designers worked on redesigning the internal document into a Google Sheet, which they gated. 

The original tool inspired this amazing new content offer, which was perfect for those who wanted to manage a stable budget. This aligned perfectly with their buyer personas.

The content offer campaign consisted of numerous calls to action (CTAs), which were strategically placed at the end of blog posts relating to budgeting. 

The landing page included enticing content, a simple form, and striking visuals of the budget planner. The value proposition was front and center, and it used language to speak to client pain points: "Budgeting doesn't have to be a pain."

After the tool was created and gated, our team executed a promotional campaign, which consisted of emails and social media posts.


The Budget Planner

This tool is simple to use and incredibly valuable for Credit Canada's audience, who is looking to better manage their financial health. 

To use the tool, first, the user adds their net income in the top right corner of the planner. Then, they add their housing and living expenses, including mortgage or rent, taxes, phone, heat, food, insurance, and other necessary costs of living. 

The last two boxes are for work and personal expenses, which consist of transit costs, recreation, personal grooming, and donations. 

After all income and expenses are added, the blue summary box in the bottom right automatically calculates whether the user is living in a deficit or with a surplus. The white box at the bottom left of the tool populates a circle graph, breaking down expenses by category to give the user a visualization of where their spending is going.


"Our Budget Planner campaign created by Bluleadz proved to be a huge success – and continues to be – in generating leads and traffic to our website. We are particularly proud of this campaign as it was based on a content offer for a free tool which many of our users have found to be instrumental and helpful when it came to day-to-day money management and budgeting. The campaign optimized our brand, reach, and resources while supporting our mandate and mission as a not-for-profit that truly cares about improving and supporting financial empowerment through education."

Adriana Molina, Communications Manager, Credit Canada

The Results

After launching the new content offer campaign, Credit Canada saw a significant spike in lead generation. Within the first three months, the budget planner offer generated 188 new contacts.

These new leads needed a solution for budget planning, and this new content offer gave them the tool and information they needed to manage their spending and address their debt.

Of these 188 new contacts attributed to the budgeting tool, 77 of them closed as clients.

The fact that Credit Canada's online debt assessment team closed 41 percent of these new contacts indicates that the content and lead magnet spoke directly to their target audience and addressed specific challenges they had. These high quality leads are the results of a well-planned, targeted content strategy. 

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188 New Contacts

77 Closed Deals

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