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HubSpot’s CRM Features Generates New Customers for Manufacturing Consultancy Company

Who They Are

Founded in 1992, CMTC is a leading manufacturing consulting firm that specializes in aerospace, automotive, defense, and distribution industries. 

They're affiliated with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). They're also a part of the Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Program, which contains 51 centers throughout the U.S.

Their mission is simple: To serve manufacturing as a trusted advisor providing solutions that impact and grow the California economy.

Customers are their main focus. In fact, they hold themselves accountable using third-party surveys to measure customer value and assess the impact they're having. This shows their commitment to delivering the best service to customers. 

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The Problem: Underperforming Content and Lacking Platform Integration

They faced several challenges that ultimately lead to major disconnects in their back end. Piecemealing software platforms was becoming problematic. 

Their primary CRM was Salesforce. It was not connected to their HubSpot portal. This meant they lacked closed-loop reporting for their customers. 

Another software they used was myEmma, an email marketing platform. The issue – the platform lacked proper reporting for measuring campaign success. 

Overall, reporting efforts were hindered by the incomplete connection between the contacts in Salesforce and HubSpot.  

Additionally, several content assets and conversion paths were outdated. The performance of their conversion paths stagnated, slowing their lead generation. 

By identifying areas on the website where our team saw traffic leaving without converting, they were able to add better conversions paths with links and CTAs to guide visitors to the proper content offers to download.

The focus was on aligning the intent of readers with a relevant content offer. Relevance was key to improving the conversion rate of content offer campaigns. The more targeted the offer was, the more likely the reader was to download it. 

The Solution: HubSpot Integration and Content Updates

The top priority in the beginning was to get CMTC's software to work for them, not against them. This required integration and manual processes. Our account manager worked with the client’s team to solidify proper integration of Salesforce CRM with HubSpot. They updated, removed, and mapped custom properties between Salesforce and HubSpot.

By using the CRM along with HubSpot email tools, our team was able to segment and target the right audiences in CMTC's database. And they were better prepared to track email campaigns through proper reporting. 

This software integration also paved the road for our team to help re-establish and identify lifecycle stages. By updating their definitions of MQLs and SQLs, they were able to identify sales opportunities and move new leads down the funnel.

These updated lifecycle stages and workflows allowed them to create new behavioral email campaigns based on the amount of returning visitors to help with conversions.

All of these changes allowed our team to organize their 25,000+ contacts into segmented lists for service-specific email campaigns. Our team set up workflows based on visitor activity. The three behavioral email campaigns were:

  • Made in Califonia - 622 enrolled
  • Manufacturing Day Behavior - 619 enrolled
  • Services - 452 enrolled

Our designer/developer built a customized flex template with modules within HubSpot. This simplified the process of building high value email campaigns. In fact, it helped CMTC reduce expenses because they were able to cancel their third-party email marketing platform.

To address the stagnating content performance, our content team updated several blog posts as part of a historical optimization strategy. 

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The Results

The client centralized all of their technology within HubSpot, streamlining a lot of business processes. The integrated CRM allowed for better list building and segmentation for targeted email campaigns.

By migrating their email marketing to HubSpot from myEmma, the client was able to track and report on email campaign success. This enabled our team to use AB testing, updating subject lines and segmenting lists for more targeted messaging. Overall, the click-through rate on emails increased by 23 percent month over month. 

The Manufacturing Day behavioral email campaign yielded excellent results – 94 percent opens and 90 percent clicks.


"This campaign was another one of our success stories we’ve had in our long-term relationship with Bluleadz. After attending the 2019 MEP National Network Summit, we left pleased knowing our position in the market. We are excited to continue working with Bluleadz to help us stay innovative in our digital marketing efforts."

Steven Brand, Strategic Communications Manager, CMTC

20 %+ increase in landing page conversion rate

26 % increase in SQLs

10 % increase in customers

The new flex email template made it easy to send an engaging newsletter with unique modules that target specific audiences. The updated conversion paths lead to a 20 percent increase in conversions on all updated landing pages across the board.

Additionally, year over year showed an increase in traffic to landing pages by 65 percent and total submission increase by 30 percent in new contacts.

The new landing page for the updated HR ebook earned a 48 percent conversion rate. They also experienced a 26 percent increase in sales qualified leads (SQLs) and a 10 percent increase in customers.

From January 2018 to July 2018, they earned 79 customers. This same time period for 2019, following the HubSpot integration, updated conversion paths, and new email marketing strategy, they earned 88 customers. 


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